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Body Care

Welcome to Bold & Beautiful Queen Creations . Specializing in all natural homemade body care. Our selection of all natural bath products will bring you serenity and beautiful soft skin. We also offer custom creations made to order. Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.

Explore Our Collection of Custom Creations

Explore our Collection of All Natural Body Care

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Bold & Beautiful Queen Creations was established in 2021. It was created with blessing from above. Each hand crafted custom item is made with exceptional detail and love. My passion for all natural homemade body care began as I was fighting to control my eczema. My Honeylicious Oats has help overcome this struggle and I wanted to share it with others who were experiencing the same difficult situations. I also enjoy customizing gift's to give a personalization to every item. We strive to give excellent customer service. It’s this standard of excellence that will provide the impetus for us to grow into the business like no other. At Bold & Beautiful Queen Creations, we take pride in customizing to our customer's needs. Take a look at our site and get in touch with any questions or concerns. For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today.

Our Customer's Reviews

Bye Bye Acne

I've been struggling with acne for years but no more with the Honeylicious Oats!

- Gabby Saunders

Eczema Miracle

My son has a terrible case of eczema. I have tried everything under the sun trying to control it. Spending so much money until I found the Honeylicious oats soap. It has been a miracle! Highly recommend

- Julia Stalls

Skin so soft

I received a sample of each of these soaps at a local market. The honeylicious oats is now my all-time favorite soap. My skin is so very soft, and the smell of vanilla and honey is amazing.

- Sandra McDonald

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